Is Social Media Marketing taking over Traditional Marketing?

How Social Media Marketing is Different than Traditional Marketing

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

As you may know, social media marketing is currently the key elements to help the business to increase their sales and attract more customer attention. Not only social media marketing can help the business to make better sales than traditional media, but it is the platform for business marketing. The most popular social media platforms that most business using right now to market their business are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Not only these social media platform can help the business by increasing its brand awareness but also can boost sales and revenue. There are people like Mark Ritson (Brand Consultant) believes that social media is a waste of time for marketers and limited use for brands.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to any type of marketing that isn’t online. This means print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising like billboards. Some people think that social media marketing is taking over traditional marketing due to traditional marketing not being attractive and relevant, but there are advantages of having traditional marketing. People should need to know the 5 key advantages of traditional marketing over digital marketing.

  1. Easy to reach local audience attention
  2. Promotional materials can be kept and recycled
  3. Its familiarity makes it easy to understand
  4. Studies suggest that hard copy marketing are easier to process and recall
  5. It has a high and proven success rate

Don’t forget that print and broadcast are tools from the past but is still considered the most successful media mix besides social media. Another strong benefit of traditional media is that it can be highly localized and deliver a specific message within a market, which social media hasn’t got. It also provides high reach at a relatively low CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

In conclusion, I personally do not believe that traditional marketing will be dead even though there is a decrease in traditional marketing as social media is currently the most successful marketing for businesses who want to improve their sales and grab people attention. Traditional marketing still attracts people attention who prefer traditional media rather than from social media attention. For other generation over 80 years old, they prefer traditional media rather than social media because not all older people know how to use smart devices to use social media. For myself, I personally prefer social media rather than traditional media as I always use my smartphone and computer all days and marketing ad pop up on my Facebook and Instagram all the times.

Thanks for your time reading my blog.

Now I completed this blog. What do you prefer Social Media Marketing or Traditional Marketing or both? Do you think Traditional Marketing will be dead? It will be much appreciated if you can leave a comment below of your thought of this blog and I will reply to your comment soon.

4 thoughts on “Is Social Media Marketing taking over Traditional Marketing?

  1. This is amazing!
    I don’t really reach to traditional media, I haven’t watched television channel shows for years!
    I think traditional media would never die but just become less common and not to be reached for


  2. Great post!! really informative and I love how you broke down the key aspects of both traditional and digital marketing. I really enjoyed the talk by Mark Rinston too. It is so true that a lot of the channels that we now deem to be old media are actually all online. Such as newspapers subscriptions online, AM/FM radio is now streamed online etc… I actually touch on some of these points in my latest blog post too.

    Check it out here –


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